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戰地音場 Sounds of the Battlefield

在那個風聲鶴唳、緊張對峙的年代,無垠的天際總充斥著各式聲響。早晨廣播傳來的起床號,是團體生活的軍中紀律; 白天斷斷續續的槍砲聲使人膽戰心驚,害怕戰爭一觸即發; 夜裡突如其來的狗吠聲,也令人不寒而慄....。 無所不在的聲息,瀰漫在前線的空氣; 不安中的一絲平靜,只有在收到遠方捎來的慰問時才得以展開。


In that era of tense confrontation, the air was always full of many sounds. Starting in the morning, the daily wake-up broadcast was the first cue of military discipline; during the daytime, the intermittent gunfire was a reminder that war could be triggered at any moment; at night, a sudden dog bark could mean an unexpected enemy ambush… A cacophony of sounds pervade the air in the front line; the only time peace can be found in all the uneasiness, is when receiving friendly messages from afar.


The Sounds of the Battlefield is composed of seven sound tracks. Here, you can immerse yourself in the sounds of the front line.

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